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In a classic murder mystery, participants will become part of the passengers and crew on a railway journey full of intrigue, revelation and murder! It is set just after the turn of the century in post-war Britain. Full of plot with twists and turns, each ticket holder will become a suspect in a murder case and at odds with fellow passengers!

A different Kind of Murder Mystery

Murder on the 10:16 is a twist on the classic murder mystery format. You will become a character in an open plot where the outcome is determined by you; the array of passengers on the ill-fated 10:16 train. The event will take place over a full day as you hurtle down the tracks on a classic steam train. The characters will have their own goals and motivations for either aiding the investigation into the murder or trying to hinder it. How you play your character and interact with the other passengers is entirely up to you! Perhaps you'll benefit from the murderer getting away with it? Perhaps it would advantageous for you to pin it on someone else? Or perhaps you simply seek the truth no matter the consequences. 

The Concept

Set in the early 1930s Murder on the 10:16 is inspired by Agatha Christie's Poirot novel "Murder on the Orient Express" among other classic detective novels, movies and programs. The 1930s is widely considered to be the golden age of murder mystery novels so our event takes place there. Passengers will be expected to dress in the style of the period that befits their character but we'll take care of the rest transporting you to a world recently racked by a world war and the great depression but which also brought technicolour movies, the Volkswagen Beetle and the emergence of jazz.

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