Kickstarter Launches In

You Can Now Preview The Kickstarter Where you can buy tickets Here!!

Please view our terms and conditions and conduct policy before purchasing a ticket.

When you Buy a Ticket you Get all of the following

  • A ticket to the full experience

    • The experience is predicted to take just under 4 hours excluding the workshops and briefs. With a ticket you’ll be able to partake in the full event. The experience begins with 1hr30mins of the afore mentioned introductions and time to get into character.

  • Welcome briefings and workshops

    • Nervous about playing a character? Don’t worry, we’ll get you warmed up and ready with everything you need to know before the train departs.

  • A journey on a vintage steam train

    • The well-maintained train and carriages really are spectacular and we took our time location-scouting to find the right venue. The whole experience takes place on one of these steam trains as it travels through the West Midland countryside.

  • 2 stops at Severn Valley’s scenic stations

    • Not only are the trains thematic, the stations are too! That’s why we’ll be stopping off to enjoy the views, sights and sounds as well as dropping in a little extra dramatics at each stop.

  • Bespoke character

    • We will send you a character questionnaire to determine your preferences for a character and our writers will build a character unique to you. Nothing is guaranteed but our writers stick to these preferences as closely as they can.

  • Your costume is NOT included

    • You will have to provide your own costume based around your character. For some of our guests this is part of the fun. However, if you’re struggling for ideas or want to limit the cost, we’ve included a list of costume hire shops below that we’ve been in contact with who would be happy to supply your costume for the event (please note: many costume houses require a large safety deposit). However, do not feel you have to pay for costumes, you can often achieve a satisfactory aesthetic with what you already have in your closet.

Costume Ideas

Below is a list of costume houses that we've been in contact with that can supply you with an appropriate costume. Please be aware that many costume hire places require a large security deposit for their costumes. Some have also said they will provide a discount if you mention you're hiring for our event!

Complete Costumes




t: 07505 212102

Stage Style Costumes




t: 07739 364911

Larger Than Life Stagewear




t: 020 8466 9010

Hampshire Wardrobe




t: 01962 678199

Are you a provider of 1930s era costumes and would like to be added to our list? Please contact us on